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Juliana Vasconcellos

Brief info

Juliana Vasconcellos was born in Belo Horizonte, MG, Brazil and graduated in Architecture at UFMG, with a specialization in architecture and construction management by IEC PUC. She established her studio in 2005. She is based in London and Belo Horizonte.

A rising figure within the architecture and interior design world, Juliana Lima Vasconcellos found a passion for product and furniture design through drawing commissioned pieces for the spaces she created with her clients. Her bold and timeless aesthetic draws its power from her effortlessly elegant methods and approach. Her work translate the sensuousness of the Brazilian landscape to the scale of the domestic interior. Her choice of natural materials express the form and structure of the final piece, in keeping with the finest Brazilian modernist traditions. Natural wood, stones, glass, and metal, sometimes combined with fiber and other unusual materials, are incorporated in the design through handcrafted techniques. The artisanal quality of the work, the harmonious proportions and volumes, and the finely resolved details, give emotional resonance to each project.

Her portfolio includes furniture exhibitions in Milan design week at Nilufar Gallery, The Salon Art + Design in NY, SP Arte, LA design week, Intersect Chicago, IDA/ARTRIO and MADE. Her work is in the collection of the Museum of Arts & Design, NY, and many fine private collections.

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